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still just two

But I just bought the first one 2 months ago!
I was holding off on shotguns since the age of 20 (63 now) because I had another passion, airguns but I finally caved-in and bought the little 20ga Stoger Uplander just to havean alleycleaner and anti-personell gun for the upcoming social unrest that seems to be hovering in the near future.
I then decided not to cut down the 20ga SxS as it;s really a nice one! OK I have an all round gun...
I bought a 12 Ga pumpgun to make a H/D shotgun out of. Cut the bbl to 20" and will add a slip-on recoil pad in keeping with the terms of this gun (I paid $100 for it) and bought a slip-on shell holder ($11.00 again, cheapo). This is to be a low budget proposition, No frills just function, A Mossberg 550 Pump Action and no real accessories, I probably won't use the shell holder as it makes the gun butt heavy and slow.
For the futire I can see somesort of autoloader, likely in 20 ga?
It's so eaay to get hooked and the prices on the used market are good so one can easilly find good deals!
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