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As I said in my post,I already understand he was legal.

You can be legal and stupid.You can be legal and unwise.You certainly can be legal and make other gun owners look bad and discredit the 2nd Ammendment.

You can be legal and make choices that negatively impact your son.

Suppose(I do not know) he would be legal walking into Wal-Mart.He IS going to get LEO attention,legal or not.Legal or not,it is stupid to walk into WalMart displaying an AR.

Years ago,in Colorado,the advice was"Well,open carry is legal,but if you show up at 7-11 and anyone calls in,you will be arrested for disturbing the peace"

When an LEO checks you out for carrying an AR,and he asks you to set it down,set it down.The LEO said,had he done that ,after some questions,he would have been on his way.

Get confrontational and defiant with a cop,you will lose every time.

I do not understand celebrating the guy.As a gun owner,I do not want him representing me.

As a father,that was a fail.

Freedom can only exist in a civil society.We used to have more freedom and fewer laws.

Now,thanks to your Sgt buddy and his Jerry Springer show grade behavior,plenty of citizens,lawmakers,and perhaps a Governor will discuss whether they need another anti-gun law.

And,BTW,I like AR's,50 cals,etc.
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