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Had my first accidental discharge at the range yesterday.

I was shooting bulk Federal ammo in my new .22 bolt action at the range yesterday. As I was cycling the bolt, the next round fired before the bolt was even closed all the way (bolt hadn't even been advanced fully, let alone locked). I think the pressure from the bolt against the primer was somehow great enough to set it off. The case had a very light strike on it upon inspection, so I'm assuming the primer was way too sensitive, rather than a problem with my firing pin.

Just goes to show how important gun safety is. The rifle was pointed downrange, with the front supported on a rest while I was working the bolt, so it was a "safe" accidental discharge.

Is there any reason to contact Federal over this or is this a common thing with .22LR just like FTF's and FTE's? I don't want to send them an angry email or anything, but figured it might be worthwhile to at least let them know what happened.
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