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Pawn shop Wingmaster

Just home from the Pawn Shop and have suffered thru the glare of the Mrs. and am enjoying my new used old Wingmaster.

Looks like a 1979 gun from what I can tell off of the S#. The extensive impressed checkering looks like a '79 gun too. Has two beads, 28" tube, modified choke, raised vent rib with a that looks pretty wide. Thick Remington butt pad. I'm a trap shooter and have been shooting a Parker SC and while I love the gun it beats me to death. Looks like the comb on this Remington will be a little lower and won't bruise my cheek bone as much as the wonderful old Parker does.

Paid $325 for the gun. Very few scratches and almost no rust. Looks essentially new. Has sling swivels. Perfect bore. White spacers. The gun is not light. Is marked with the Remington Arms of Ilion New York address. Looks like it may have had a gold wash in the lettering. Blue throught out is bright and shinny. Follower is blued too, seems to me that they are usually in the shinny white.

So how'd I do?
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