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Citor's field grade guns....Lightning, White Lightning, Silver Hunter series, Satin Hunter, etc....are all solid guns. They all have the legendary strong Citori barrel to receiver lockup.

I still have a number of my Citori field grade O/U's in 12ga and 20ga with 28" barrels ...forerunners of these series I listed above today ...from the late 1980's.../ all of them have well over 250,000 shells thru them with no issues.
Its right for Trap, or Skeet, or sporting clays....if it fits you ??

All of the Browning field grade O/U's have angled stocks on drop at comb, drop at heel and length of pull are all critical on "Fit" ....and the only way you can tell if it "Fits" is to go to a pattern board, put in a Full choke at 25 yds, and see what the pint of impact is ( shoot at a 3" Dot ) ...and see if you need some adjustment in the stock - to fit you it hits where you look !
In general....( if they fit ) field guns(especially Browning's O/U's - are just fine for sporting clays ...and probably skeet. They aren't optimal for Trap ...but they're just fine for casual Trap shooting ...or for anyone that wants one gun to do most everything with.

In the Citroi line of guns...I think the Citori XS Skeet model with the parallel comb ...especially with an adj 30" barrels is a better gun ( in the field on live birds, or for sporting or skeet...).../ and a model like the Citroi XT Trap in 32" barrels is a better Trap gun - but not a good gun, for general shotgunning.
If the gun you've found is in good still reasonably tight...and fits you ...and its in your budget, I don't think its a bad buy for an entry level O/U that you'll probably keep for a long time -even if you move on to some of the other more specialized models in the Citroi line of Brownings.
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