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mykeal - I do understand your point and in one respect I agree with you, but in the broader reality of moderating here, I also agree with the closing of the thread in question. Members attempting to sell outside of the Gun Show forums, while not a huge problem, is a big enough concern to us to squelch them when we see them. Trust me, you don't see 1 tenth of what goes on in that respect.

I honestly do not think Wadesauce started his thread with the intention of taking offers on his gun, but it did turn into a for-sale as soon as he said "if your [sic] interested." To prevent any further steps down that particular path, the proper thing to do was to close the thread. Merely saying "please don't do that" either publicly or privately and leaving the thread open rarely works for long. It's the age-old cat out of the bag, horse & barn thing.

Wadesauce - your post above is one of a stand-up member, and we thank you for your understanding. Since you are new to TFL, the "culture" of this forum is also new to you. You'll find that TFL is not just your average gun enthusiast site. I know mykeal has sent you some of the information you were seeking, but you are welcome to re-post your request for information now that you know where not to go with it.
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