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The one person who had the power to create a better outcome was the Sgt.
There was more than one person.

Now realize my tone here is something to make a point, not actual (angry) indignation-

Where do you get off? If you don't think Business X should be telling you to leave it at home instead of concealed carry, or if you don't think the GOVERNMENT should be telling you if you can or can't carry- why should that be any different in the boonies with a rifle?

See the point I'm getting at? If we're going to get unhappy that someone else is going to question OUR judgement on what we need to carry to be safe, do we have any right to question HIS choice on what he needed to be safe with his kid? Sure we can draw the same line everyone as a society does- That which is protected by the amendment is legal, in a manner of carry that is legal. But the thing is, this guy was doing that. He wasn't carrying dangerous, or unusually weapons. He had a concealed permit, and open carry of a rifle is legal.
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