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Long Term At-Ready Storage

I have a rifle, a nice rifle, that I would like to keep at my parents' farm. It is out-of-state and even when I visit it is rare that I have the opportunity to go shoot. Still, having a rifle there gives me more opportunity than zero. There are out buildings where I can keep the rifle secure, but none have heating or air conditioning. This is in Iowa, so the temperatures will range from well below zero to over 100 degrees. How can I best keep the rifle properly stored (pushing maybe even a year at a time) and yet have it ready for immediate use?

Will cleaning it, oiling it, and putting it inside a piece of threaded PVC pipe with a box of dessicant do it properly? Should I put it in a sock or leave it free? What can I pad it with that won't stick &/or cause other problems? Should I put a nipple on the PVC, take it to the tire place, and have them fill it with nitrogen? - These are the kind of things I'm wondering.

I've searched and seen a number of threads on proper storage, but I haven't found one that quite fits this circumstance. I'd appreciate any guidance on the matter.

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