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Jim Watson, Sierra does not have any "kluge" regarding their bullet's ballistic coefficients at different speeds. They know what they're doing. Even airplanes and cars have different drag coefficients for different speeds.

trg42, all it takes to change seating depth .010" to adjust for leade erosion is backing out your seating die stem the same amount. Surely that's not a PITA. Competitive shooters have been doing that for decades. It's worth it for the accuracy attained. Life's full of compromises. This is just another one to consider.

Maybe you have other priorities and objectives. If so, then size your cases so neck tension is a bit less, then seat all your bullets 1/10th inch longer than leade contact. They'll push back when the round's chambered and that'll do for 3000 to 4000 rounds of barrel life. Just don't unload a live round once it's chambered else the bullet might stay in the barrel and you'll get to clean all the powder out of your rifle's action.
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