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Originally Posted by Vanya
The OP answered a question about the gun with the following:
Originally Posted by Wadesauce
It's .50 calibre, I can find out in the morning, maybe even post a picture if your interested
So, yes, he's trying to sell it. He doesn't have enough posts to do so in the BST forum, and selling in the regular forums is against TFL's rules. Closing the thread was appropriate.
Originally Posted by Shane Tuttle
At first the post in question didn't quite fit the bill...

...until his next post. The tone of language in the post as a whole leads me to believe it was a thinly veiled posting for sale. It's a tough call. Staff made the right decision.
I still disagree.

Offering to post a picture did advance the thread towards an advertisement, and it was thus time to step in.

It would have been more appropriate to remind him, either via a PM or directly in the thread, that he did not yet qualify to advertise his gun on the forum, while leaving the thread open so that members could advise him on venues catering to the sale of muzzleloaders.

Closing the thread immediately was not yet called for. In my opinion.

I don't wish to be argumentative, and so I'll withdraw at this point. You've made your reasoning known and while I still disagree, I appreciate your quick and thoughtful responses. Very rarely does the TFL staff do anything I feel is uncalled for, so this surprised me and I wanted to understand it better. That's been accomplished. Thank you.
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