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A .44 carbine, the .44 Mag cartridge, is way ahead of the M1 carbine and its .30 carbine round in near every aspect except mag capacity. The .44M from a carbine is serious medicine, and the new Ruger was twised fast and will likely stabilize the super heavy .44 slugs ..265, 285, even 300 grains. (will they feed in an auto, I don't know) With those slugs, it is bad news for even really big game and I would feel more comfortable in bad bear country, or facing down a bayed up monster hog with a .44 carbine than a .30 carbine. I suppose you could re-zero the rifle and shoot 180-200's if you went on a groundhog safari, or wanted a light recoiling SD round.

Too, the Ruger will scope easy. It came with factory rings and plunking an optic on one is no big deal. No so the M1 carbine.

Now if I was jumping into Normandy, or a mortarman in the South Pacific, or holding off a horde of bad guys in a hurricane or twister wrecked suburb, the M1 and its 15-30 round boxes begin to look pretty good. But its cartridge pales in the shadow of the .44Mag.

I'd often wished they'd made a .40 carbine. (not .40 S&W, but something like an elongated 10mm Maximum)
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