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The best powder for loading all handgun rounds is a newer one that not many here are familiar with. Ramshot True Blue is as Universal in applications as Unique but it's a dense ball powder that meters markedly better. It is slower burning than W231/HP38 or Unique and offers a greater performance range. It can be used in smaller and lower pressure cartridges up to full magnum revolver loads just short of where you'd really need a magnum propellant to achieve higher velocity. A lot of reloaders overlook the value of ultra consistent metering and have not yet tried True Blue. Those that have will tell you the same as I have. I would not use TiteGroup for anything and particularly not high pressure cartridges where its known to burn hot and can have severe pressure spikes. W231/HP38 are decent powders but lack flexibility as far as performance in higher pressure cartridges like 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, 10mm etc.
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