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I have not done that but I did do the 6 shot scope tracking test .Zero rifle at 100 yards . Then shoot one shot in center of new target . Adjust 3 moa up and 3 moa right shoot while still aiming at center of target . adjust back to center then 3 moa left and 3 moa down . Do this to all 4 corners then take one last shot back at zero . It tracked perfect when I did that test the first day . I did not do that today . I will say this . The scope is not a high end scope . ( Vortex crossfire 2 , 6-18x44 ) I paid $200 for it and it could be the issue . I sure hope not cus my $60 tasco world class has less POI shift on my Ruger American . This crossfire will be put on my American when I get the scope I want for the FCP-K .

Thanks big al for giving me some ideas to think about .
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