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old Ruger v. new

I've got no beef with new Rugers, 'cause I don't really own any. That's because with the exception of the Ruger Scout, there is not a new Ruger that I want.
And that's the trick. A maker needs to produce guns that people want to own. Really, how many synthetic stocked, matte finished rifles do you really need? One price point .270 is about as desireable as the next. It's not about need, its about wanting to buy one 'cause you fancy it.

Old Bill Ruger was good at that. He saw gaps and niche's in the market, knew what shooters would want, what they would find desireable, interestng. He was a shooter and hunter himself. Lots of stuff got done at Ruger 'cause that's the way the old man said they'd do it. And he was right most times about it.

Now, Bill Ruger is gone and so are most of their interesting guns. I read an interview once where the old man said they'd make the "Old Army" as long as he was running the company. Its gone now. So too all the .44 carbines, gas and levers both. And the SXS shotgun too I think. Sec-6 as well. Likely others I'm not aware of.

The Ruger Scout is the current exception to their problem, but it's come along about 15-20 yrs to late.
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