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Mossberg 500, 590 etc. Can't go wrong. You can even get a 500 that comeswith both a long and short barrel.

Anyone that thinks pumps are slow hasn't practiced enough. I can beat 9 out of ten guys with semi autos. It takes longer for most people to get on target than it does to pump another round in. An auto is only faster by fractions of a second and an auto that will feed and function as well as a pump will cost you 3 times as much as a pump. My pumps of varying brands will all feed any ammo I sent their way. You'll be hard pressed to get an auto that will match them for much under a grand. If SHTF I'd leave the Benelli and grab the Mossy pump.

When I look for a gun I look for two things over everything else. It must be dead reliable( feeds and go's bang every time/ must be durable) and accuracy( accurate enough for it's intended purpose). You should decide what characteristics you need in your gun and then research what guns best matches your needs and price range. Hopefully that will shorten your list to two or three to choose from.

You could always buy both and cover all your bases. That's what I'd do
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