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POI shift or what ?

Took the FCP-K out today . First three shots at 100 yards were one raged hole but to the left . OK no problem it was different ammo (Privi 168gr match) rather then the GMM I normally shoot . 1 MOA POI to the left was cus of different ammo , sure why not

Gun shooting well so I put a few 168gr GMM in and took 2 shots at 100 yards . Both touching each other all most dead center ( sorry forgot to take picture). Great , gun is perfect , I did nothing to the gun before shooting just loaded it and shot . I did clean the gun between outings . no copper solvents just some hoppes and a few brush strokes .

Cool gun is shooting exactly the way I left it so I start to reach out to the 300yd target with my GMM . I'm shooting at a 6" shoot-n-C. I dial my scope to what in my notes should be 300yds and take my first 3 shots , my spotter says miss and can't even see the POI . I see there is some wind but not much do to the angle . coming from behind us at 7 or 7:30 . I adjust and take 2 more shots and he says miss and still can't see the impact . He tells me to shoot some more and aim at a different target I say no I need to go see where these are hitting before I waist any more ammo . I go take a look and I'm about 3/4 to 1 MOA high

HMM does not sound right but I adjust the scope down 1 MOA 4 clicks and shot . Perfect right in the center . of the 6" target . I then move to one of the 3" targets and take 3 shots

Shot another group that was a 2" group

Why did my POI change so much at 300 yards but not at 100 yards from day one to day two . The temperature was quite a bit different but my ballistic calc says there should be almost no difference in POI from day one to day two . The ammo was from the same lot as the first day .

First day the out side temp was 67 degrees humidity was about 60 % and my ammo temp was 72 degrees

Today the out side temp was 83 degrees , humidity was 45% and my ammo was 81 degrees .

My calculator does not have a spot for ammo temp could that ten degree defference be the problem ?

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