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Noble 60A 12ga takedown/disassembly manual?

Trying to find instructions on how to do a takedown/disassembly on this weapon as it is not functioning properly. Yes, I realize it is not a high dollar weapon, but it has sentimental value so I would like to get it working again. I can't find ANYTHING on the net other than it was made in low numbers, and links to functional ones I can purchase. Does anyone know if the Model 60/60AF would come apart in the same manner as the 60A? I have found a takedown/disassembly manual for the Model 60/AF, but nothing for the 60A. Or better yet, if you have a link to a Model 60A takedown/disassembly manual somewhere on the net that I haven't found that would be splendid. Closest I have found is this.

Wrote the gentleman and he said it covers the Model 60, 60 ACP, 60AF, and S&W 916, but NOT the 60A. Much obliged for ANY assistance. I'm at my wits end. PLEASE help.
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