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Switching sights

I've been shooting a Glock 34 with a Dawson fiber-optic front sight and a Heinie slant pro (all-black) rear sight for a couple of years. Seemed to shoot IDPA okay with it but didn't have any point of reference.

Recently, I started shooting static and knock-down steel with the same gun and had a hard time hitting the plates. I seemed to always shoot consistently too high or too low. I just couldn't dial in the elevation. I would swear I was spot on, but it would miss until I figured out where the bullets were going and fudged my sight picture.

Tonight, I switched up and shot my Beretta 92fs with a standard 3-dot sight configuration at a knock-down match and suddenly I'm hitting the plates on every shot. It was ridiculous. I felt like I had put on a new pair of glasses. The bullets went exactly where I expected them to go.

This is making me question the sight configuration on my Glock. Should I switch to a 3-dot?

Or is it that some sight configurations are better suited for one type of match than another? Is the Heinie Dawson (fiber front, black rear) configuration good for fast acquisition and big targets (IDPA) but not great for nailing small targets (steel)?

I've also got a 9mm 1911 coming in soon that has all black target sights (adjustable rear.) I'm wondering how that's going to work for me or whether I will have to swap those out.

Does anyone here use different sights for different types of speed shooting?


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