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Rifles with 15 rounds or less... :/

I really wish I wasn't compelled to make this thread. Being in CO, come July our selection of available rifles will be somewhat hindered. What I wanted to do was make somewhat of an all-inclusive list of what can be purchased without violating the new magazine limit of 15 rounds, which means a rifle that has a magazine in production that is fifteen rounds or less. I want this to be a guide for those not fortunate enough to pick up the rifle they wanted before the law goes into effect.

For example- any AR-15 and AK. 5,10 round mags available.
AR-10. 5, 10 round mags available.
M1 Carbine. 15 round mags available.

Ones that would NO LONGER be legal:
Any Thompson-based M1A1, I believe there are no 15-round mags.
FN PS90, since no 5.7 15 round magazines.

I have no knowledge of G3/CETME/PTR, or FALs, etc. what could you add to the "safe" list? (Until we overturn it, that is :fingers crossed
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