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I learned my lesson well!

The last time I didn't learn a thing, apparently. This time I have!!!!

My goal...a stockpile of: 4000 .22LR 2000 .223 2000 .308 2000 .45ACP AND 8lbs of the following... BLC (2) Varget and 4 lbs of Unique 8 lbs of Red Dot and 20/28 1000 once fired .223, .308 and .45ACP (each) wads and shot and bullets 2000 Small Rifle Primers, 2000 Large Rifle Primers and 2000 small pistol primers. Plus all of the current "stuff".

I know it will take 2 0r three years to get where I want to be. But, no more "wait till I need it and then run to Cabelas". Every purchase is a multiple of what I "need". I use one and stockpile one (or more, if I bought in bulk).

My son lives a block away and we have a very nice reloading room setup there. We "took over" a seldom used closet as a "warehouse". Once or twice a week we run some reloads for the "warehouse" and for anything we want to shoot, always a "box" or so extra for the warehouse.

I already feel better. I have a plan.

This "plan" follows my analysis that I will always need a rimfire pistol, a centerfire pistol, a rimfire rifle, a small centerfire and a large centerfire, a 20ga and a 12ga shotgun. You might choose to have more or fewer but that is a good selection for all round use/need. My choices are .22LR, .223, .308, .45 ACP and 12 and 20GA. I have others and will keep a good supply ahead of what I use.

A side benefit is that my son and I enjoy our time together loading. Before, it was sort of in anticipation of shooting, now we have a goal and still enjoy it.

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