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The hearing for the Dywinski case was set for tomorrow, the 29th. There are indications that the court, in waiting for SCOTUS to decide if it would hear Kachalsky might have reset the date. That indication was made at NYFirearms by Max.

We will know when we know.

As an aside, over at the other board, there were people who implied that the Tresmonds were not being forthright, honest and other derogatory remarks, in the past few weeks. There were also many who wouldn't read the thread and were asking questions that had already been answered and got extremely uptight when they didn't get a personal answer from Max.

That thread was shutdown once. Reopened and then shutdown again. The second time, Max said that there would be no further interaction with NYFirearms, because of the manner in which the members there treated him and some of the people working with him.

Whether or not that statement extends to TFL, remains to be seen. I suspect that it does.

The last time Max posted was on March 19th. Since then, he tried to keep his brethren in NY State appraised of what was going on. He got caught up in much flack. Add to this, that it is Max and a couple of others that are doing all the research for these cases (which now number 3). I believe the reception at NYF has soured Max on gun forums.

This is just another reason the bar has been is so high at TFL.
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