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Ventura show by Crossroads this weekend on Saturday was pretty slow. It’s been slow since the last the Costa Mesa show I mentioned previously a couple of posts back. Days prior to the Costa Mesa show Feinstein's assault weapons ban was neutered.

Feinstein's assault weapons ban being dumped appeared in the news on 03-20-13 in the LATimes and the Costa Mesa show took place on that weekend on the 23 and 24th. All other shows since that Costa Mesa show appears down here in southern California for both attendance and revenue. I’d say that news most definitely affected the shows.

Switching to another state for a comparison momentarily. Reno, Nevada, show is said to have been unusually good. The reason appears to be because it draws patrons from further distances, more like a national show rather than local. Cases for the AR rifle is reported to have sold very well which most likely implies vendors of the AR rifle had supply for this show.

Ammo at the LAX ammo booth appeared somewhat lower priced compared to previous shows. 9mm pricing was in the area of $15 to $24 per 50 for hardball. 5.56/223 was closer to $600 per 1000 rounds. 40S&W and shot shells appeared to be readily available.

Familiar seller of AR uppers stated within the last two weeks the availability of the uppers has improved. He can get pretty much all he wants. The strange thing is his stuff isn’t priced and reluctant to reveal how many sold. My observation says three uppers were sold on Saturday but he won’t confirm or deny the number. I guess he’s trying to keep the bubble alive.

Vendors other than firearm related are plentiful as usual. Met one that was more unusual than most, an engraver. Next time you have something engraved it might be best to go directly to the entity that does the engraving. While I don’t have much of anything engraved in my experience the local jeweler is not the person to have any good engraving done. Any engraving beyond some initials a real pro is better IMO. His location is in the jewelry mart district of downtown L.A. Unlike many forms of the jewelry craft an accomplished engraver is uncommon. Examples of his work were on a couple of firearms among other metal pieces.

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