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I've owned a Glock 26 which was a great small 9mm but, for me, too big for pocket carry. I also bought a PM9 after finding some of the local LEO's were carrying them off duty. Mine had to go back to Kahr twice before it became 100% but, alas, it's still too big for pocket carry. While I sold the Glock (because I never carried it along with its big brother a G36 in .45) I've kept the PM9.

I know you said it's gotta be a 9mm but I've recently transitioned to the Ruger LCP .380 and carry Speer Gold Dot in it. IMO, it's more than enough and it's very easy to carry in a front pocket with any number of holsters. I just haven't found a 9mm I can do the same with.
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