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Kareen vs FM hi power

I don't know Kareen but I do own a FM Hi Power 9mm.

We bought it from a sporting goods store that was closing when I was 21 (9 years ago). I think we paid a LOT less for it I think around $200 tops? Honestly my dad paid for it when we stumbled upon it- so I don't quite remember.

All I can say is it has been absolutely awesome. I got it to be one that I wouldn't care about- where I could take it camping, hiking, kayaking, dirt bike trips, and could leave it in my minimally waterproof jeep wrangler. Sure enough it has never failed to feed, shoot, or eject ever. It shoots very accurately and reliably. Most guys that have shot it asked to buy it surprisingly (seriously, i swear lol). I had it duracoated last year. It is still one of my favorite guns to shoot even though my collection has grown over the years.

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