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14 months later and still no powder or primers!

Well, I started this venture 14 months ago. I have everything except powder and primers! Admittedly, I have other things on my plate so I'm not in that much of a hurry but I have tried to order powder and primers on several occasions. I want to order 1 lb. and 8 lb. canisters of at least 5 powders (45 lbs.)(load out of the 1lb. can and store & reorder the 8 lb. can for the savings) and 5M each of the CCI 300 & 500 primers so I can get it all on one hazmat fee. Every time I start to order it gets rejected since no one is accepting orders for "out of stock" items. The dealers are also limiting primer orders to two 1M boxes per order. How much longer before supply catches up with demand?!

I still need to get a bench built and clean out a place to put it. I have a nice piece of Formica countertop left over from a kitchen install for an office building project that I'll use for the top.
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