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Originally Posted by Vanya
The article reports that young Mr. Marcum was arrested for "disrupting an educational process and obstructing an officer" by refusing to remove the T-shirt. It seems to me that in this context, wearing a T-shirt, as opposed to refusing to remove it, is a distinction without a difference.
Does anyone know anything about West Virginia law? An arrest indicates a criminal action, which means there has to be a law against it. Is there really a law in West Virginia that says "Thou shalt not disrupt an educational process"? The arresting officer's report would have to cite the section(s) of statute violated -- is there a link anywhere to the arrest report?

Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy
Schools can and do have dress codes,
This school has a dress code. And that dress code did NOT prohibit an NRA tee shirt, nor did it prohibit shirts with depictions of firearms.

So what's your point? If the dress code prohibits pink sneakers for guys and I show up wearing red sneakers and they order me to remove them, how have I violated the dress code?

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