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I've seen the show several times and I find it entertaining. I think a couple of the guys are borderline jerks, but they'd probably think I am too. They do seem to follow the rules, and whatnot. That guy who's the host I guess it is goes out of his way to make sure the landowners are happy and that he's got all the legal paperwork.

As for camo on the back deck, what'd you expect him to wear? A chef's hat and apron? I admit that I would think of that more as "deer killing" than "deer hunting" but that really is what the property owner wants. The deer is eating her petunia's or whatever. Shoot it in the petunia's.

I guess the big thing that surprises me is paying someone to process the meat. We always did that ourselves, but I understand that it's common in some places to have a professional do it.
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