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Dave - lots of good suggestions. Don't try all of the "fixes" at once though. Try one and see what the effects are in regards to that "solution". If I'm just "shooting" (i.e. hunting and have to make a quick reload), I use a "wet patch" between shots. For patching, I use stirps of washed pillow ticking that is soaked in a water soluble oil (Dutch Shultz's method). In between shots, I have some plain pillow ticking patches cut that I keep in a separate pocket in my hunting pouch. I just put it in my mouth and get it damp and then use it to wipe the bore between shots. And no . . . I haven't caught any dreaded diseases from doing it that way. Or, take something like a musket cap tin and keep some dampened patches in it to use between shots. You'll be amazed at how much crud that dampened patch will bring up and out of the bore.
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