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I have a Sig P226 Navy, want some opinions

I have a 9mm Sig P226 Navy that I bought new in 2009. I like the gun, but don't shoot it much. I don't carry it because it's too heavy and too big and bulky. It's the most accurate gun I have, but I actually like most things about my Glock better, including that it's much lighter and carries 100x better.
So, is there really any good reason for me to hold on to this Sig, because I am considering selling it? This being the Navy model, I can't help but wonder if it'll be something special years down the road....maybe even go up in value...I don't know. But what I do know is that it isn't of much use to me at the moment.
And what should I ask for it if I do sell it? It is as perfect as the day it was new.
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