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Note that the school did not have him arrested. They did call the cops. It was up to the cops as to whether or not they made an arrest. They chose to do so.
The school had a choice, they could have handled the matter internally, with the student, teacher, Principal, and parents. I have had such meetings many times, I always prevailed without incident.

The school decided to involve LE. And, the Police have latitude not to arrest, unless the kid poses a threat, or, unless they have a complainant who is willing to press charges, and follow through. Given the charge, it appears the school was initially willing to do just that, then saw retrospectively that they were wrong, and backed away.

students do not leave their 1A rights at the schoolhouse door: Tinker v. Des Moines (1969)
Thanks for the link Al, my point exactly. If you raise your kids to go to school and, mindlessly accept the orders of just any "authority figure" you are creating another sheep. (exactly what the schools would prefer) And, that mindset carries over into adulthood, just the kind of thing we all (ourselves) try and avoid being.

ETA: Schools are supposed to be about education, that process involves more than just absorbing material, it requires creativity, and self expression. If you remove those, or try and squash them, it stops being educating. IMO.
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