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Thanks Al, I appreciate the citation, I knew there had been some sort of case but couldn't remember enough about it to even search.
Interesting to note none of the news reports mentioned it, champions of the first amendment that they are.
Yes, I had kept up on the news reports and knew about the kids wearing the shirts, which is why I noted above that corrective actions are taking place.

This sort of bullying by teachers is far more common than you think, and get's reported seldom. The administrators know it goes on, more than one has candidly admitted it to me. Because of union rules, tenure, etc., they cannot get rid of these problem individuals.
These are rogue teachers so to speak. They don't know, or simply don't care about rules and student's rights. They are ideologues, with a focus that is different than your average teacher. I'll give you odds that the principal didn't need to be told which teacher it was who started this.

My purpose was to educate folks about these circumstances so that they could fight the battle with their children as well.
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