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good stuff so far . all though you guys are correct to say I should keep enough ammo on hand . As my first post states , I do but this is not what I'm looking for in this thread

I do like the idea of having a cartridge that can be necked down to fit multiple rifles . Can you neck up ?

As for reloading . I don't yet but only cus my stuff has not been in stock . I have some stuff already press , tumbler , dies , and a bunch of other stuff . Really just waiting for bullets and powder that are on backorder

While I was looking at those Winchesters linked above . I saw another caliber I thought might be good and maybe better then the ones I picked earlier . hat about the 7mm-08

I am liking the idea of the 30-06 and the 25-06 combo though

Thanks again , I'm off to the range for a day of fun in the sun
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