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the Taurus 445 which I don’t think they build any more. But it had a lot of reliability issues that required a good gunsmith.
Hence a better made gun.. S&W! I'd even accept an 'airweight' L frame 5 shot fixed sighted 2 1/2 inch bbl .44 spl. without the child lock.

I also recall a gun magazine featuring a custom conversion of a Ruger Speed Six 2.75" converted to a 5 shot .44s. Would have loved to get my hands on that one

YEA... I'd love to get my hands on that one to. Now the .44, taking more steel from the cylinder and barrel would make it lighter. And no one ever said the Speed Six was a weak or unreliable design. And it was a fixed sighted gun and good DA pull (I only have two of 'em!)

As long as it would take the "Skeeter' load. 8 grs of Unique with 250gr slug.

Now there is a gun smith that rechambers and rebores Ruger GP100s to 10mm. That's ok but sure love to see it done in .44 Spl. Six shots, 3 inch barrel, and a DAO hammer.

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