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I agree to a point, that it can be a waste of money. I have a complete custom 700 in 300 win mag (trued and blueprinted) Krieger barrel, Manners chassis, Timney trigger and custom designed muzzle brake. If I do my part with mk248 mod1 ammo or my reloads it shoots 1/4 to 3/8" diviation at 100 yards. That being said I have a stock 700 SPS AAC-SD with light trigger work that shoots 5/8" at 100 yards with my 178 AMAX load. So is it worth it? It is like a drag racer paying $10,000's of dollars to get an extra 1/10th of a second. Keep what you got and shoot it until it wears out. My AAC-SD, I have less than $1500 counting the scope. The 300WM has many, thousands of dollars in it's creation, not counting all the time...
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