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Deaf, I think you are talking about a Smith 696. Great gun but hard to find and pricey.
I would rather see Ruger come out with a SP101 in a 5 shot 44. I have been e mailing Ruger once a month asking for that very thing. Imagine how many of those they would sell if they came out with one. I keep getting answers back, lawyerease and not at this time.
Deaf I disagree, your point is well taken but the advantage of the bulldog would be lost if they did the additions you suggested. Light weight and inexpensive. If they did, I would buy one in a second.
I think the gun you’re talking about is the other one in the photo I posted, the Taurus 445 which I don’t think they build any more. But it had a lot of reliability issues that required a good gunsmith.
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