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Yea I love both 06 and 7mm mag but I was thinking they are both still very common . Look at 308 and 223 , the most common and all gone . The 30-30 was a thought but not a good long rang bullet and may be all sold out as well .

This is where I'm at in my head about this and I'm not sure if these would be under powered cus I've never owned or shot them . Right now only a few hours in to this thought process my first thought is 25-06 and my 2nd is 260 those are both showing over 1k ft lbs of energy at 500yds . Not sure what penetration would be but I guess that would depend on the bullet .

I guess I could add a question to all this . Is there a cartridge / caliber / bullet that you all have noticed that for the most part stayed in stock and or was available these last 4 or 5 months ? If yes does it fit in to my wants and needs

If anybody thinks my thinking is off let me know . Like if 30-06 has been in stock most places while this panic has been going on . Then that would be a good choice .

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