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whats a great all around caliber that will be in stock when the SHTF

I've been thinking I would like a good all around rifle that I would be able to get ammo for when panic buying is in full swing .

It would need to be / have

good for any animal in the north America

total wieght 8lbs or under

holds at least 4 rounds

stainless steel

stopping power or good energy transfer out to 3 or 4 hundred yards .

iron sights and able to mount a scope

Known to be an accurate round

ammo would generally not be to expensive during non panic times . ( $1 to $1.50 a round . less is always good )

ammo is made by many manufacturers . ( this should make it more available )

re loadable

That's all I can think of for now . I have 223/5.56 , 308 , 22lr among others and could not find any ammo that was not four times the normal price . I keep a stash so in the grand scheme of things I was not in any trouble per say but I sure was not able to shoot as much as I like to these last few months

Any and all ideas welcome .

Thanks metal

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