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"Pocket" 9mm recommendations ?

I usually don't pose questions like this....but, in this case, I'll make an exception.

Of late, I sometimes get tired of carrying the pistols I have (I've paired down my "collection" to two 9mm's..... both compact sized with approx. 3.5" barrels). Sometimes, I think it would be nice to have a handy little "pocket" model, to drop into a pocket holster (then into a pocket)....rather than strapping on a holster. Doesn't matter what kind, all holsters become uncomfortable to me after a couple of hours (and I've tried them all, including ones I make myself). So, I've started to think in terms of a pocket a SOMETIME carry piece.

I've done a bit of research on these....and handled several. I would very much like some opinions from those who already HAVE such to a good potential choice.

Whatever it will be, I want 9mm. I handload 9mm.....and it's now the only hand gun cartridge I 9mm it is, period.

I'm not making any preconceptions or setting limits as to trigger design, but theoretically, I would prefer a DAO (a true DAO, with multiple strike capability). However, I am not setting limits on this - not now.

$$ is an important consideration. Not that I don't have any.....but, I don't WANT to spend a mint on such a pistol. Bad time to look, I know, as prices have gotten stupid lately (not to mention availability)....but the "shortage" won't last.....and I'm not in a great hurry.

I am an experienced shooter, so I am well aware of the limitations and accuracy "challenges" of such small pistols - so no need to undertake a lecture on this.

So far, the pistols I've considered are the Ruger LC9, the Kel-Tec PF9, one model by Kahr (PM9 ?.....I can't remember the exact designation) and the Beretta Nano. However, I have made no limitations as to the final choice (I'm not yet excluding anything). The only absolute is that the pistol in question must be (relatively) easily pocketable - so don't suggest any compact or full size pistols please.

Anyway, what say you ? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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