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44mag carbines

I have used and hunted with 30-30s and 44 mag carbines for a good number of years and I feel that the 44 hit harder at 125-130 yards and under than the 30-30. The only advantage really the 30-30 has is the flater trigectory out from 150 to 200 + yards. Both are capable and effective and each has their advantages and disadvantages. but the 44 mag does hit harder and does put meat on the table. Comparing the 30 M1 Carbine (not the 30-30) to the 44mag is not compatable. Each has a designated purpose. The 44 is a hunting round for large small game and medium size game and the 30 Carbine is for small game and self-defence. Decide what and why you are needing the carbine will tell you which one to get. Or just buy both. One or both you won't be sorry.


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