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Traditions Pennsylvania Review and Range Report

Traditions Pennsylvania Longrifle Review:

I've been shooting revolvers nearly every weekend for the last year and decided to pay a visit on our range's black powder day. Since I was a revolver guy only, I couldn't play, but got to watch. Guys with TVM's, Chambers, an original in immaculate condition from the 1700's...oh and a single inline guy All I could do was sit there with my drool rag and watch them shoot.

I decided that it was time to get into the match, but no time to wait for a custom or I decided on the Tradition's Pennsylvania to get me into the game.

The good qualities of the rifle are that it's built well and fairly accurate. I adjusted the triggers so that the front trigger goes off at about 2lbs. Both triggers are adjustable. The sights, both front and rear are adjustable for windage and the rear for elevation as well. Lots of brass on the rifle. With no less than ten inlays not including the patchbox and sideplate, it's a little blingy. The lock provides a nice crisp snap.

On the bad side, the folks at Ardesa did seem a bit rushed in the construction of the rifle. Most of the inlays were a bit misaligned with the inletting and needed to have one side or the other puttied to fill the extra space. Sanding was smooth, but a little wavy on the stock.

For an entry level muzzleloader, even one that is reported to be the top of the line sidelock from Traditions, it could use a lot more finishing and attention to detail....but then, I'm comparing it to the TVM's and Chamber's that were at the shoot.

Range Report:

.490 swaged ball
55g Schuetzen FFFg
.15 lubed patch

From 25 yards benched to get a baseline. 8 shots at ten points each...score 80/80!

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