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Lark... I wasnt making it up, it was how I interpreted the documents I read.
What documents did you read? If you are going to claim the ATF is not going to approve a transfer of a silencer to anyone under 21, then it was not any government document.
I was wrong with a few facts. I still dont believe the BATFE will approve a transfer for someone under 21.
Believe it all you want, but you are not promoting firearm ownership by telling people they can't own certain firearms unless they are 21 and over. Can you show just one person who was denied a transfer due to being 18-20 years old?
Everywhere I look, it is stated that you must be 21. No where does it say anything about buying from a non licensed dealer.
No accurate document or law I have ever read stated a person needed to be 21 to own a silencer. Can you show me an authoritative document that supports what you claim?
But, it doesnt merit an argument about this.
I think it does.

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