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Cartridige ID need help

Hello, I am not a cartridge collector other than a few that have been given to me or something I have a firearm for. My father gave me a shoe box full of old cases and loaded ammo most of it was .30 carbine 30-30 30-06 and so on. I found a loaded round that I though to be 303 brit. I put it on the shelf with my verry small colection next to the 303 brit cartridge that I had, after looking at them side by side they were just a little different, The cartridge has a head stamp that reads, U, a dimond shape, 1943, VII. The OAL is 77.02mm, bullet diameter is 7.92mm, case OAL is 56.04, Rim diameter is 13.32, now what got me was that the primer size it is realy big, diameter is 6.42 it looks to be a copper cup. Thanks for any information that you could give me I would just like to be able to label it and know what I have. Thanks
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