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I started my son with a Rossi single shot. It made a good trainer when he was not big enough to handle a pump. But I understand the problems with the hammer while hunting. I have not seen a hammerless single that I can recall.

If weight is the issue, most 20 ga pumps are not much heavier than a single shot. If you are concerned about safety and only want him to have 1 shot, only let him load 1. After he has the experience and you trust him with more he will already have the gun and be familiar with it.

I teach hunter education and I am the live fire instructor. We have 20 ga pump guns only. The average 10 year old ( both boys and girls ) handle them quite well. I have had a few 7 and 8 year old kids that did fairly well with them as well. With instruction and practice operating it he should be able to use one safely and effectively.
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