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PA School of Gunsmithing in Pittsburgh PA....

The 2 top gunsmithing trade schools/programs Im aware of are in CO & in metro Pittsburgh PA. The PA training program is called the PA School of Gunsmithing. I think.

The other class in CO(near Denver I think) is also considered worth the $$$ or time. Bill Lauthridge, of offers professional level skill training & classes.

For handguns & pistolsmithing, I'd consider the site. The members or guild may guide you in finding the best course or school.

If I recall; the former gunsmith/shop exec: Vince from Discovery's popular Sons of Guns unscripted show said he went to the PA gunsmithing program in Pittsburgh.
I lived in Pittsburgh from 1995-2000 & considered using my GI Bill $ to become a professional gunsmith(pistolsmith).

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