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And For the Trifecta...

I have a long time love for 20 ga double guns, but haven't owned one for a number of years. A few weeks ago, I found this Hunter Special, on the rack at the local gun store. It has 28" barrels, twin triggers, and extractors. I believe the chokes are modified and full.

A few weeks on layaway while I did some wheeling and dealing, and it came home last night. As best I can tell, the S/N indicates 1938 as a manufacture date (1632XX). It matches up well with my Parker Trogan 12 ga, and my Lefever Nitro Special in 16 ga.

It's been a long time since I did much hunting, but I believe I'm going to have to look around and find a place to go dove missing this fall. In the next week or so, I'm at least going to have to take a few shots at some clay pigeons.
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