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The BATFE WILL NOT approve a transfer for someone under the age of 21.
What Hineline said.
Get caught with an NFA item without the transfer paperwork and its an instant 30 years at Club Fed.
Actually it is 10 years/$10,000. The 30 to life is an enhancement for committing crimes with title ii firearms.
You want to tell me how you can LEGALLY buy, and own an NFA item at 18?
Fill out the ATF form 4 and send it in to the BATFE. In block #13 you check no for being 21 and over. Explain on a separate piece paper what you are 18-20. When the examiner sees that the seller is not a licensed dealer and the rest of the form is filled out correctly, the form will be approved.

weblance, This stuff is not so hard you need to just make it up. Just say you don't know or say nothing instead. Take a look here for more info;

D_Anton, check out the online auctions like Guns America and Gunbroker.

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