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I get the part about the Sgt being legal to carry,etc.

I get the legal issues being discussed.

Observing the vid,the Sgt was a jerk.He escalated the situation as much as he could.He was a drama queen.He was playing up a political "I am a victim" routine.

He was using his son as a tool.

He may be waving a gun rights flag while doing it,and some applaud him,

but really,how does it play to the public? Do you really think he served the 2nd Ammendment?
I think he is an embarrassment.An immature hothead.A whole lot of folks who are non gun owners,who might buy into an AWB,an use our Sgt as a posterchild.He is not good PR.

It was his son's Boy Scout 10 mile hike.Once in a lifetime father/son trip.TheSgt scrapped his son's experience for what?

Did he teach his son how to relate with LEO's?

If our Sgt put his son first,the M-4 could have stayed at home,the CCW handgun was fine,they could have hiked the hike,made a fire,burned some weenies,purified water,used a map and compass,and made some lifetime gold.

All things have their time and place,and the son's hike with his dad was not the time or place.

The one person who had the power to create a better outcome was the Sgt.
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