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Jerry Bissel

I am a recent owner of my first gun belt. I did what I'd consider some in depth research. Spending $100 for a belt just seemed extreme to me so my objective was to fine a less expencive option that was just as good.

I first purchased a Ranger Belt from Daluth Trading. The belt was reasonablly priced. Probably somewhere around $40-50. While this is a nice belt and stronger and thicker than any other belt (dress belts) I own, It was not the GUN BELT i was looking for.......

My search led me to Jerry Bissel. i think.

Reasonably priced and appeared to be well constructed. I was concerned about taking the right measurement for jerry to work with. I was really hoping i didnt make it too short or too long.

Placed the order and within just a few days i received an email from Jerry with the shipping information. The belt came in and MAN am I surprised. You can just about hold this belt straight out. To say this thing is strong is an understatement. You could lift a car with this belt. I love the double stiching. I love the strength of the buckle. It's not cheap. I love how thick it is. I love the 7 holes to accomodate any form of carry. IWB, OWB, or nothing at all.

My Girlfriend won a belt from one of the WELL KNOWN companys that reatails in that $100 range. Her's came with a kydex insert as well. While her belt is a nice looking belt and will serve her well, it's no where near as heavy duty as my Jerry Bissel Belt.

I also like the Ridgid Holster suggestion. I almost went with them too, but I'm not sure it's as strong as jerrys either and just liked his look. I think I will try Ridgid Holster the next time in need a hybrid leather / kydex IWB holster though because I like the way theirs look.
Thanks Jerry.
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