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Accuracy Check-- What Happened?

Today at the club I shot my Lancaster .45 flintlock. I set up a paper target and two water filled jugs against the berm at 25 meters.

My first two shots at the paper targets were within an inch of dead center. I was pleased. If I'd been hunting, well, the family would have been eating venison.

I proceeded to blow up the two jugs (liquid clothes wash containers) -- they exploded but not like when I hit them with my 30 06. Still boom.

I dry swab clean between each shot -- debris comes out on the swab.

My next 6 shots expanded out on the paper target from 2, to 4 to 6 inches. Nothing close to my first two wonderful shots.

Is it me, or is stuff in the barrel impacting my accuracy.? I shoot 55 grains of Goex under a commercially lubed patch -- .440 ball.

No flyers just accuracy slipping over an hour of shooting.

Thoughts? Thanks David
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