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I appreciate all the suggestions everybody has offered. Tonight I will dig through my scrap brass pail and see if I can find a .32 case and see if loading it into a .38 round is even possible. I will also closely examine the rest of the crimps in that batch to see if any look excessive to the point of cutting the plating.

There is no way somebody else shot my paper. It was just the two of us shooting. My buddy shot his first 3 shots at his new target that were accounted for and my first shot at my new paper left 2 holes. For the record I beat him the first 2 rounds we shot. He still thinks I did this on purpose to not give him a chance to win one.

2 bullets in 1 case did not happen. I don't recall where my COAL ended up being set to, but it was definatly too short for 2 bullets. Honestly if somebody makes that big of a mistake they should stick with carrying factory ammo........ In their pocket. Not their gun.
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